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Our work begins long before we get to site – before foundations are laid, even before plans are drawn.

Our work begins the moment your vision is conceived because our job is to make your vision real.

We are builders who practice craftsmanship. Or as we call it, purposeful practice. Because to us, craftsmanship is not a skillset. 

It’s a mindset, put into action – an attitude in practice.

We are builders who practice craftsmanship.

Or as we call it, purposeful practice. Because to us, craftsmanship is not a skillset. It’s a mindset, put into action – an attitude in practice.

Purposeful practice demands absolute attention, dedication to detail and commitment to creativity.

With this mindset, we have crafted some of New Zealand’s finest new homes by collaborating with masters of design and architecture, to achieve our clients’ original vision.

It’s our long term commitment to purposeful practice that drives us forward and sets us apart.

So each day when we get to site, we don’t just get to work. We practice our craft with purpose.

Vision made real

Take a look at some of the latest new homes by Build This. 

Purposeful practice drives us


It’s with a purpose that we do what we do. We are selective of what we work on, choosing projects that serve a purpose to families, communities and businesses.

Purposeful describes the way we think and operate our business.


It’s not just about the final product. It’s the process to get there. It’s the hard work and daily commitment to bettering our skill every day.

It’s about detail. The creativity. And the art of architecture.

We put into practice what we believe – and it’s a practice with purpose.

Building and renovation, home design and new homes

New homes, building and renovation, re-clads, retaining walls and project management. For all of what we do to create the home design you envision click here.

Quality craftsmanship from the beginning

The Build This difference is in its foundations, marked by three pillars fundamental to our character:

Absolute attention

Our undivided attention goes to the job at hand, because an unwavering focus results in exceptional work.

Absolute attention to us is about care. We care about our clients’ vision and their investment. Your home design drives us.

We’re hands on, on the tools, on-site – doing what we love, because we care about what we do.

"They treated the house like their own, and I felt like they had my best interests at heart. It was a complex build, with a high level of detail, and these guys do intelligent building, with total commitment to seeing a project through.”


Dedication to detail

A commitment to our skill is the reason we do what we do. For us, turning up on site is a daily dedication to detail – our drive to get each join, each curve and each surface just right.

No two new homes are the same, just like no two details are quite the same.

We apply our craft to bring to life the details that make a good build great.

“They were fantastic. One of the things I appreciated the most was their care for the project and attention to detail. Even in the crunch time they were working really hard, really accommodating and really professional.”  


Commitment to creativity

Working with the best, makes us better. We are committed to honouring the art of architecture and realising a creative vision. Your home design is our passion. Through our partnerships with architects, designers and suppliers, we work hard to make a creative vision real.

When obstacles arise, we approach them with a creative spirit - thinking ahead to keep the project moving ahead.

"We engaged Build This for a new 460m² Christian Anderson designed contemporary bungalow in Remuera. Both Sam and Matt were great to deal with, both had a lot of experience in similarly built residences. The project had its challenges… [all were] solved in advance of it become a major issue which is the hallmark of a good project manager. There were no last minute dramas and we have recommended these guys to others!"


Your next step

New homes are built with craft by our team of Queenstown or Auckland builders.
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